Monday, January 15, 2007

How to … make use of the shells you collect on the beach

A few years ago we went on this awesome trip to Panama (sing as the Van Halen song) with our friends Deb and Ryan. It was a great trip of relaxing on the beach drinking “beach ladies”.
After waking up we would walk down the beach that was just littered with the most beautiful shells. I mean I have never seen shells these colours before – they ranged from the brightest fuchsia pinks to deep purple, pure white and even neon orange – and there were a ton of them. We were actually getting picky while selecting them otherwise we would have come home with a truck full.
Anyways we probably took more Panama property home with us that legally allowed. When we got home I wanted to do something with them so I made necklaces – for pretty much everyone. This is what usually happens – I get an idea and get hooked and then everyone I know for the next 6 months gets this craft as a gift for their birthday. If your birthday falls after that 6 months then I have probably gotten bored of it and either have moved on to something else or in between projects and you get something I found at the Bay (I’m a last minute shopper and crafter)

How to ... make shell necklacesSupplies needed-Shells
-Drill and the smallest drill bit you have
-Jewelry fasteners, crimp beads, etc.
-Wire, thread, or fishing line

First drill a hole in the top of the shell – it’s not easy but take it slow and pick a part on the shell that’s not too thick. It takes awhile but you can get through.
Then you need a ring to put through the shell. You can either buy one or make one. To make one, get a piece of wire and put through the shell, then put small seed beads on the wire. Then close the wire at the back – so the shell front is hiding it and you have a ring of beads. I tried rings I bought but I think the beaded ring looks better because it hides the hole you drilled (which is never perfect).
Now make your necklace with whatever beads you have. You can also just attach the shell to chain or rope if you want.

I just wanted to inspire those all leaving this weekend for the beach – have fun – wish we could go too. And hopefully you have a beach with treasures to collect.
From our honeymoon, I collected sand from our beach in a mini local rum bottle. Rob and I collected rocks from a camping weekend and they are now in our fish tank. It’s nice to have a real souvenir from where you’ve been.


Anonymous said...

If I bring back shells, will you have a craft day with me and show me how?


Vone said...

totally :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect project for 'the other room' during Superbowl...