Friday, January 05, 2007

How to…do something

The great blog inspirer – Sara…no h – said that I should start a blog about “how to”.
I used to very creative and was known for sewing up an outfit in an hour for that night of partying but I don’t feel I have been as creative as I once was. Maybe this blog will force me to be. But don’t think this blog will just be a how to “be creative” blog – I’m sure I’ll use it for my share of bitching and sharing life stories just like everyone else.

How to be creative…. Tip #1

Don’t throw out anything – you never know when something can be used for a future project; a ribbon from a present, old cards, cool paper, stickers, buttons and the list goes on and on.
People who know me know that I hate to spend money so keeping every scrap and tidbit allows me to make presents and stuff with little or no money and usually in little time since I’m often forgetting and leaving things to the last minute.
It’s sometime hard to be a pack rat but it’s what I got to do to be creative :)


Janet said...

Very cool, both your post AND the fact that you now have a blog!! I look forward to much more.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere - woo hoo! And great first post - how to be a pack rat - love it...

Deb said...

Welcome to the blogging world. Maybe I can pick up some creative tips from you -- because goodness knows I'm not :)