Friday, February 09, 2007

How to ….make a wedding dress

I was planning on posting this the day after Liz picked up her dress but then thought the post would be more effective with a photo so I waited. Why has it taken me 2 weeks to post since I have received the photo - I don't know.

So here it goes.

Congrats!! Liz and Greg got married January 24th in the Dominican. We unfortunalty couldn't make and I really wish we could have as the photos look awesome, we’ll make up for it by partying hard on the 24th to celebrate with them.

Supplies needed
- The ability to sew
- The ability to make a pattern
- Fabric
- A couple of zippers
- Boning
- Thread

I started making Liz’s dress back in October. It was a little later than I was wanting to as I knew the next couple of months were going to be busy but so were the months before that so I don’t think it would have made much difference.
Anyways – I started out strong but Lilo’s birthday, Halloween, Christmas and a great fall tv line-up, kinda slowed things down. So basically life got in the way – like always.

The last 2 wedding dresses I’ve done have both gone the same. They both start off good then while sewing the dress I sew them too small – have to take them out – the zipper breaks while trying to make them fit – then I have to re-sew in a zipper and then minutes before the wedding I finish the dress. Ok – not minutes but days.
I have learnt a few things that hopefully I will remember next time I make a dress.

1. Buy an extra zipper – it sucks to have to run out and buy another one at the last minute.
2. Plan to have the dress finished a month before the wedding.
3. It’s easier to take a dress in then to let it out – so sew on the large side.

So I just finished Liz’s wedding dress on time. She picked it up on the Friday before she left and it fit – thank goodnes. I’m lucky I sew for friends that know that I would never not finish their dress on time. I would do whatever it takes to make sure their dress is done and looks beautiful. And as you can see by the photo – Liz did look beautiful.

I can’t wait until the 24th – Lilo’s going to the Grandparents and Mommy and Daddy will be partying.


Greg said...

Vone, as much as a lot of your posts are enabler's for others to "do something" this is one of those things that will remain uniquely & specially yours. It takes a really true talent to create something like a wedding dress, and I've seen your work in person twice now, and it's always stunning. My Bride always looks great, well mostly ;), - but to see her on that wonderful day, I owe you a big thank-you. If a wedding dress is similar to a piece of art, and our wedding was the gallery opening, your piece was by far the show stopper. Thanks so much, Greg.

PS - for the record my verification word is laqehkockh...common!

Vone said...

Gosh, that's nice Greg :)
Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad I could be part of your day even though we couldn't be there in person.