Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How to … use your old Christmas cards – part 2

Ok to I finally took my Christmas cards down and cut them up for tags for next year and I actually made a couple of boxes out of them.

Here’s how to make the boxes.
Supplies neededOld Cards
Tape or glue
Construction paper

1. Cut the front of the card from the back.
2. On the front measure the height of the box you want down the long side of the card. Draw a line – on the wrong side. ¾” works well for a height.
3. Then down the short side draw a line double the width of the other – so 1 ½”.
4. Make a cut 1 ½” down on the ¾” line on blue lines.
5. Fold the ¾” side in – press crease down. Fold in tabs where cut.
6. Then fold the 1 ½” side in half and then in – so it’s a ¾” edge.
7. Tape tabs between the 1 ½” edge.
8. Tape or glue down edge of 1 ½” side so it forms a box lid.
9. For the bottom of the box cut the back of the card down ¼” all around so that it will make a slightly smaller box and will fit inside the lid. I forgot this step for the first one I made this year so I had to squeeze it in to fit and it doesn’t look as good.
10. Then repeat all the steps for the bottom of the box.
11. To cover up the writing on the inside of the box – cut a piece of construction paper the size of the inside the box and glue inside.

Now you have free cute little box good for giving small gifts like jewelry or gift cards.


Sara ... no H said...

mine's the dove card! woo hoo - I'm famous!

Vone said...

I just found the pile of xmas cards from last year that I was going to cut up for tags and never did.
So last night I did and put them with the others which I'm sure I won't think about next Christmas.

Sara - I loved your card - so did Lilo, she'd grab it and get sparkles all over herself.

ArtMind said...

Oh, that's a great idea to use old X-mas cards! I don't have the heart to throw them out but they sure can have a second life! Thanks for leaving that wonderful tip in my blog! SUPER, Vone! :)

Vone said...

I know cards are so pretty but where do you keep them all. I have some birthday cards that would also be cute to turn into boxes.