Thursday, January 17, 2008

How to … make regular pants into maternity pants

I actually finished these pants a few months ago but haven’t posted yet but am going to try and get back on the blog.
Like most pregnant ladies, I don’t want to buy a lot of clothes. Unfortunately this pregnancy is over a totally different season than my last – so my dresses and skirts aren’t going to cut it in this weather. So I thought about what I could do. I’m not going to make any pants from scratch- one day I will make a pattern that fits properly but not now. So I realized that I have 2 pairs of pants, that I’ve have since before Lilo was born, and they don’t fit well in the waist so I can start with those. One pair, I took in too much and are tight in the waist and the other I didn’t take in enough and well still fit me before Christmas. So after seeing something on line I decided to put a panel in them and make them into maternity pants.

Pair of pants
Knit fabric
Sewing machine

So I tried the pants undone to see where they sit. Then I drew a line around where my belly was starting so see where I should cut them off and add the band.
Then take them off and sew the zipper closed – otherwise could come undone after cutting. Then I cut off the fabric above the line I drew leaving ½” for seam allowance. I measured the circumference of the waist now and measured out a piece of knit fabric to that length. I figured out how high I wanted the band – or really it was based on how much fabric I had. I put that piece around my waist to see if seemed right – it did so I sewed it up into one piece. Then folded in half and sewed to the pants.
Then tried on the pants – they fit.
So they aren’t perfect but they fit so that’s what matters – plus the part that looks a little wonkey will be hidden by a long shirt.
The waist dips down too much in the front and the band didn’t have to be as tight.
I only changed 1 of these 2 pairs of pants I have – I’m surviving so far but will probably have to work on the other pair soon – or live in the 3 pairs of dress pants I have already. Especially since they just announced that all Fridays are denim day – I think that’s what will happen.

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