Wednesday, October 01, 2008

How to ... be inspired

So the contest below has inspired me. All the adorable clothes that she makes for her girls makes me think that I need to start sewing. So I've started a dress for Lilo's birthday. My mom always made me party dresses so I should do the same.
I found some vintage fabric that Rob got for me when they were cleaning out his great-aunts house and I have a book of basic toddler patterns for a friend of the family and voila a cute little mod dress - with a pair of black tights it's going to be super cute. I think it also needs a belt of some sort.

So I haven't been posting about my creations but I have been doing stuff. I have finally finished the girls rooms and they turned out great, if I do say so myself. I put up Lilo's window coverings the other week (before our party) and I don't love them. They are a little too tailored looking, they would be cuter if they were girly looking but they will do for now. It took me 6 months to put them up so I should just leave them now :)
Isla's room has a few little things but it's pretty much done.
I've also started working on bridesmaid dresses - don't ask why I don't know why I agreed now :) It's nice to get some extra money but dresses are never simple like people think they are. I'm going to head to Fabricland to see if I can find some similar patterns to work off of to help speed things up.
The wedding isn't until May so I have time - but there are 7 dresses and 4 of them don't live in Toronto and 2 of them are pregnant.
On top of all that I started making bibs. I've made some bibs awhile ago that turned out pretty awesome - very sturdy. I had a few started so I decide to funk them up a bit - I'm hoping to get a stock of them and try selling them.
So that's it for now - I can't guantee but hopefully I will post more often.

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