Saturday, January 24, 2009

How a 3 year old can convince her dad to make a swing for inside

A week back I was looking at some crafty sites and Lilo hopped on my lap to "help". I was on One Pretty Thing and she saw this little girl on a swing - so we clinked on it to see what it was. It was instructions on how to make an indoor swing.
She asked if we could make one - I said we could ask daddy later. Well we forgot about it until the other day when she asked for a "fing". It took awhile for me to figure out what she was talking about - some charades were involved. So again I said let's ask daddy when he gets home - this time she remembered. So we showed him the site and he thought it looked pretty neat. He asked if she wanted a swing in the basement and she said no upstairs and took him to the place she thought it should go - and he agreed.
So off to home depot they went and a few hours later she had her "fing".

And Isla also got to enjoy it since we can hook on the old baby swing we had from our old place.

So far no accidents but I'm using the exersaucer again for Isla so she doesn't crawl in the path of the swing and she's enjoying watching her crazy big sister. The other nice thing is that we can put the swing to bed so it's not out all the time.
I think Lilo has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.


The Valliers said...

Haha - I think she does have daddy wrapped around her little finger. And good for daddy - well done job! Wow - you guys are the official "craftiest" family I know... said...

Oh this is FANTASTIC!!! This project was near and dear to my heart because my dad made me one when I was young. I was so excited to pass on the link and beyond excited to see this entry!!! It looks like she had a fabulous time and your kids are so cute!