Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to dress up dollar store tea towels

I bought these 2 tea towels - actually they are bar mops - from the dollar store. My plan was to add a stripe of patched fabric - kinda like the tote bag I made - the idea was from Film in the Fridge. I was thinking of doing it for Christmas with holiday fabric but it didn't get done.
So since I still had them I just added some ribbon I had around - super easy.

I liked the bar mops since they are shorter and we have a double oven and with the regular tea towels you have to remove them or push them up when you open the bottom oven. So with the bar mops you don't have to. But now I have to buy more since they are white and are getting dirty already. But of course I don't have enough ribbon to do more.

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Krista said...

This is a super idea! I have bar mops around the house because I too bought them at the dollar store. I think I'll add a little something to them and dress them up.