Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to do a swap

I have now completed 3 swaps - though 1 person hasn't commented that she has recieved it yet, so I won't show what I sent her yet.

First I did the tote/grocery bag swap. I posted about the tote I sent and here is a pic of the one I got. It's a pre-made tote that has been embellished. I think it's really cute but it's coffee and well I don't drink coffee - at all, hate it. But I do think my mom would love it. The size of the bag is great. So I'm thinking I'll re-gift - my swap partner already told me that's ok, if it's not my style.
The other swap I did was a sock swap - not super exciting but I did sent 2 pairs of socks off to Norway and it only took 3 days. But the tote took a week and a half to get to the states, go figure. I got a pair of black trouser socks back, which would have been perfect if I was working but since I'm not right now - I'll save them.
And then the most exciting swap was the 10 surprize items. It's what it sounds like, you read the person's profile and send them 10 items you think they would like. I had a lot of fun putting mine together and will post them soon.

This is what I got.
- 3 cute little girls patterns
- some "Free Hug" tickets
- 2 paper clips that say "Girl" on top
- a bunch of stickers
- small pieces of cute printed fabric
- animal print paper
- Karullacta CD - I listened to it last night, pretty neat
- a whole bunch of thread
- a Dora book - I was going to save to bring on my flight with the girls but Lilo grabbed it when I was taking the photo.
- a little wooden giraff toy
- Burton's Bee chap stick
- Gold Digger body wash - not sure about this one :)
- a little make-yourself paper purse

I think I did pretty good. But for some reason, I think the cost of shipping maybe, I feel like why did I put so much effort into getting a package together for someone I don't know - why not make things for my family and friends instead. So after talking to a few people, I'm thinking that I should start a swap between friends. I really like the surprize items idea - would anyone else be interested? I'd say for the 1st we could give 3 months so it's lots of time to collect things, have a $5-$10 budget. We could start another blog where we could all post profile since we wouldn't know everyone 100%. Let me know if you're interested and I can work something out - ask other friends too. I know some of you might be intimated that you aren't crafty but you don't have to be and maybe this will inspire you to try new things.


Sera said...

I'd be interested, plus I'd rather do something like this with people I know anyway :)

Heather - - said...

I, too, have been swapping and then wondering why I don't just get my family to fill out questionnaires so I can make them something they would want.