Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to lose mail

I'm not 100% sure it's lost, but I sent my partner from the 10 secret items swap her package Feb 3rd and she still hasn't received it. According to the tracking number it's at the post office near her but not picked up. I've messaged her all the details to get the package but she hasn't responded. Hope she gets it since I think what I sent is really fun. Anyways I'm going to post pictures anyways.
So this items in the box are a combination of things I bought, made and found around my house. I spent less than $10 on all these items. The woman I sent it to said she had 2 little girls, they loved Tinkerbell, wanted a stuffed giraffe and elephant, she like fabric belts, scrap booking, ribbons and bright colours. So here's the list of what's included.

- Tinkerbell magnets and stickers (from Dollar Store)

- Scrapbook paper (from my supply)

- Scrapbook (I bought it once thinking I was going to scrapbook, that's not happening)

- Stuffed giraffe (I made this. I had made one for a friend at Christmas so I already had the pattern made)

- Stuffed elephant (I made this from cozy robe that was scrap from work)

- Polka Dot ribbon (Dollar Store)

- Scrap booking frame accessories (Dollar Store)

- 4 pack of glitter (Dollar Store)

- Heart art picture (made)

- Fabric belt (I've been wanting to make one of these for myself for years so I made one for her and myself)

- 3 flower candles (bought a bunch when I was in Thailand with work, years ago)

- Bib (made)

So I only got one person who said they would be in for a swap - no one else interested? Oh well, I'm planning to start a business anyways so I really should concentrate on getting things made for that anyways. I'll keep you posted on how things are going and when I have things up and running.

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Carly said...

That fabric giraffe is absolutely adorable! Bravo.