Thursday, July 09, 2009

How to arrange wild flowers

The other day while I was out for a walk with the girls we decided to pick some flowers that are growing by the side of the road. The bright purple of the clover is so pretty and the little yellow ones too. The colour combination was so nice.

Once we got them home I decided to put them in a collection of shot glasses that we have since the stems were too short for a real vase. Plus it make it more interesting.

They are now adding colour to our dinning room table which gets great sun in the morning.

While going through some old junk a while back I found this astro turf frame I made years ago. I like it better as a frame for the flowers, there's something interesting about the real flowers and the fake grass.

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Carly said...

We, too, love to display picked flowers (mostly dandelions!) in teeny glasses.

The astroturf frame, though, is just too precious. I absolutely love it. How clever!