Friday, July 24, 2009

How to make a frozen banana treat

As my friends are making watermelon Popsicles I decided to make frozen bananas with chocolate and sprinkles. Not as healthy but so yummy.

So the bananas are super simple and delicious. I had 1 banana that was on it's last day so I cut it in half and put Popsicle sticks through them. Then I melted some chocolate with a little butter in the microwave. Once the chocolate is melted, I usually take it out when there is still a few chunks in it and then stir it until it's smooth. Then spoon the chocolate over the banana and add sprinkles.
Once they were decorated to our liking we put them in a tray covered in wax paper to freeze while they napped.
I'm sure this would also work well if the bananas were frozen first too, the chocolate might solidify before you put the sprinkles on - not sure.

Anyways the girls really enjoyed it. Lilo left hers after all the chocolate was gone and said she was done, so I finished it - it turned out she wasn't done and was very upset at me, oops.
Isla was nice enough to share hers with Lilo and then went to relax by herself.

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