Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to make a Survivor Immunity Necklace

With another season of Survivor starting up again I thought this "cool thing" I made back in April would fit now. I made an immunity necklace for my nephew for his birthday. I've been trying to make some of my gifts and thought this would be fun since he's a fan of the show.
I started by doing a bit of research - ie: watching the show and trying to find a picture online, which there wasn't a lot of good pictures of it. So it's really just an interpretation of the original from last season from my memory.
After going through my stash of junk to find stuff that would work; leather, buttons, twine and wire. And then off to the dollar store to find some additional supplies; feathers and beaded necklace.
The base or frame is made from a piece of cardboard with some medium gauge wire bent to fit around the neck. I covered it all in masking tape so it was one piece. Then on the back side I started gluing feathers using a glue gun.

Then I flipped it over and looked at my supplies to get inspired.

I cut some of the leather I had into strips to wind around the ends, securing with hot glue.

Then I cut a large piece of leather for the front and glued it down, folded the top edge over to the back. Then embellished it with some textured leather, buttons which I layered and in the centre is a pendent from the dollar store necklace, and the 2 wood beads are the earrings from that set. The necklace itself I used to frame the lower edge. Then I used twine to finish it off.

Then flipped to the back and covered with more leather - I think I had to piece it in the back since I was running out.
And there you go, your very own immunity necklace so you can never be voted out.
I know most of you have given up on Survivor many seasons ago but we're still giving the show another chance this year. Have fun.