Monday, November 09, 2009

How to make a poppy that will stay on your jacket

It's neat with Lilo in school now coming home taking about the things she has learned. She started talking about poppies and remembrance day last week. And she kept pointing out everyone who was wearing poppies. So I realized that we needed to get some but the problem with them is the stick pin that's in them and falls off easily and can poke you.
So I found some of my brooch backings (you can get these at the dollar store) and glued them on. First I took the pin out and glued the black centre in place. Then I glued the backing on. I used my glue gun but it didn't hold, it fell off Lilo's jacket after a game of tag on the way home from school. Now I'm trying Alene's jewelry glue - so hopefully that will work.
Then I made one for my leather jacket - one that I didn't have to poke a hole into my jacket. I first used wire cutters to cut the pin short (since I like the look of the silver pin on the front of the poppy)
Then I glued a magnet to the back (you can get these at the dollar store, too) - the glue also held the pin in place and I therefore didn't need to glue the back flower centre in place.
Then use another magnet on the other side of the collar and they will stick together and the poppy will stay. I tried it on my husband's thick leather jacket collar and it stayed in place.

On November 11th, please take a moment to remember those who have fought for our freedom.


JHill said...

What a good idea! Where did you get the poppy? I would like to make some for the 11th.

Vone said...

In Canada poppies are sold everywhere, I got mine at the bakery. Not sure about the US.

I need to get more now, since my husband lost his yesterday and took mine. And Lilo wanted one on her jacket and on her shirt underneath.