Monday, December 07, 2009

How to make a flour shaker

A few weeks back I had a peorgie making day at my place with another family. It was the first time I held a perogie day and, well, we learned a lot. Hopefully next year we will be better organized, and more efficient. But all in all it was fun, tiring and both families were left with at least 12 dozen big perogies.

A couple years ago I joined my friend's family on their perogie day and the one thing they had was a flour shaker for bench flour - it was a Pampered Chef thing. Just before our friends came over I got my husband to make one for us.
All he did was drill some small holes in a top of a mason jar - then fill jar with flour.

Then sprinkle flour when needed. (it's hard to take a picture with one hand of the other hand)
To store the flour when not in use, I just put a second lid on top of the holed one and put the ring back on.
I thought I'd share since I'm sure this will come in handy once we start making holiday cookies.

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Heather - said...

Great idea! I like to give my kids shakers of stuff to entertain them sometimes. Flour is a favorite thing to shake... ha ha!