Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to make a glittery ornament

I was trying to come up with a gift idea for Lilo to make for the family and I was getting a little stumped. I asked her what she thought Oma would like and she said a new pair of glasses. So that's when I thought of these glittery ornaments.

I found some old cardboard from a cereal box and drew out a shape of the glasses and cut out. Then on the printed side we covered it with white glue using a paint brush to smooth it all over. Then over a piece of paper sprinkle glitter. Reuse the glitter to cover any missed spots. Then leave to dry. When they were dry I sprayed a light dusting of aerosol hairspray to fix the glitter. I remember using hairspray as a fixative in university and it works pretty well, otherwise the glitter would just keep falling off.

Once it's dry you can add other decorations to make it more beautiful (Lilo's words). For the fish it would probably be best to leave to dry between colours but we didn't. The pink glitter around the eye was put there because Lilo put so much glue to stick the eye on.

The wrench is for my brother - Lilo's idea since he's a carpenter.

If you want you can add more glitter to the back of the ornament. I decided not to and I had Lilo write her name and the year instead.

And my wreath I made last year I submitted to contest on Dollar Store Crafts. If you can please go over and vote for me that would be great.

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