Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to make the Ultimate Turkey Leftover Sandwich

My husband introduced me to his family tradition of the Ultimate Turkey Leftover Sandwich. I'll admit when I first heard of it I thought it sounded a little gross but boy was I wrong.
First take out all your leftovers from your turkey dinner; the Turkey, the Stuffing, and the Cranberry sauce. Then butter 2 slices of bread and cut thin slices of cheese. To build the sandwich, you start with the bread with the butter side out, then a thin layer of cheese, followed by a thin layer of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce then topped with another thin layer of cheese. The second layer of cheese is optional. The key to making the sandwich work is thin layers, otherwise it will sit like a brick in your stomach.
Now grill them like a grilled cheese sandwich. This sandwich press I have is great for these sandwiches but a frying pan will also work, you just have to be careful when flipping so you don't lose all the insides. Also cook on a lower temperature so the inside heats up. If using a frying pan just squish the sandwich down so have the layers melt together.
And Volia - the Ultimate Turkey Leftover Sandwich. It's so wrong but so yummy.


furrypig said...

MMmmmm sounds scrummy might have to give that a try thanks!

Alexa said...

I have a fear of leftovers. I really do.