Friday, February 12, 2010

How to make super cute, easy, cheap Valentines clips

These clips took no time at all to make and I think they look super cute. I bought these felt heart stickers at the dollar store for the girls to make Valentines card with. They've made some but the backs are hard to come off so it wasn't an independent project like I'd hoped. Anyways we still had some left and I happened to have a clip in my pocket so I thought that this might work.
For the larger clips I used a large heart and a small one and the smaller clip only took a large heart. You need 2 of each heart for the back and front.

Take the big heart and place with right side out under the clip. Then mark where the opening is.

Then cut out where the opening is and keep that piece (it's not pictured but you'll need it later so don't throw it out).

Put the back piece on first to place around the opening. Then place the front over it, this is tricky since they are very sticky and you only have one try and placing it right. If you have some overlap at all you can trim it off. Then take the back opening piece that you saved and try and fit it under the clip so that hair doesn't get stuck on the sticky part.

Then you can put the smaller heart on from the front and cover with the back heart.
I added stitch lines with a black pen. You can do this before or after you attach the hearts on the clip. It's easier to add them before but if you have to trim if the hearts don't match up exactly it might trim some of it off. The first one I did after because I didn't think of it until after but the others I did before.

Since Isla didn't feel like wearing the clip today I got Dora to fill in for her.

She looks like she likes them - doesn't she?
I kinda wish I thought of these before since they were so easy, cheap and cute. They would have made cute gifts for the kids at Lilo's school, but I guess what would you do for the boys?
So instead I had already made these bracelets or for the boys - Power Bands.
We did have them on a piece of card and Lilo wrote her name and a heart on them but I forgot before she left this morning to take a photo of them - so here are the extras.
I got the idea from here but I used elastic for the bands instead and I didn't use super nice felt like her so I'm not sure how long they will hold up. Oh well, they will look cute for today.

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Heather - said...

Cute clips!! Super easy, too.