Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to make princess shoes

I'm sure like many kids out there, my girls love to dress up. And as part of dressing up is putting on princess shoes. For Lilo's birthday a few years back she got a whole set of princess shoes - you know those hard plastic high heels. Lilo wasn't really into wearing them lots but when Isla got older she started to wear them lots which was weird to see a 18 month old wearing heels. But because her feet are shorter the shoe, she was putting pressure just before the heel and then the heels started to break off leaving a jagged sharp end. I think we threw out 3 shoes in a week.
Anyways I thought I would come up with a safer princess shoe - one that won't break and something they can wear on the stairs - those plastic ones made me nervous.
So the dollar store to the rescue. I found these sandal and thought they would be great to decorate into our personalized princess shoes.
After finally getting some better glue (the only glue I owned before was white glue, glue stick and glue gun - the glue gun might have worked but I was afraid it would melt the shoe), we got to decorating.
I collected all the pretty things I had around; jewels, sequins, ribbon, broken lei flowers, and feathers that have fallen off the dress up boas.
This is the gorgeous pair that Lilo made herself. The butterflies were from the dollar store too. She added the blue jewel as the finish touch.
I made Isla's pair (she was napping). Isla loves them and doesn't want to take them off.
Lilo is very proud of the shoes.


Casey said...

Great idea! I love them!

Can I ask what the 'other glue' was? I only have white glue, glue stick and glue gun as well.

Vone said...

The other glue was E6000. It seems to be lasting so far.