Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to fix a broken snap on kids pant

Don't you hate when the snap on your kids pants just won't stay closed. I had these new jeans for Lilo but the snap would pop open all the time - the snap was just defected. So they just got put to the side to never be worn again. I thought I should be able to fix or something so here's what I came up with.
First with pliers and some difficulty I removed the top snap. The bottom snap I couldn't get off without damaging the pants so I got a hammer and flattened the snap down.
Then I sewed a shank button just beside the snap.
These pants had a faux buttonhole so I just opened it up so that the button would fit in. The hole is pretty tight for the button but Lilo has no bum so she can actually just pull the pants on. But you could choose a smaller button or if your pants don't have button hole just put one on.
I think they look pretty good that you'd never know the snap was removed. I hate when new clothes have something small but so important wrong with them. What a waste to throw them out.


Ginette said...

Thanks! just googled this problem and I'll def use this idea! :)

Anonymous said...

fantastic! i just fixed a perfectly good pair of gap cords for my son using this method! brilliant! thanks!

Debi Clark said...

Thank you! These pants are on their way to being fixed!