Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to make kids Christmas crafts

So I know that you probably assumed that I just gave up on the blog. I wish I made more time to share but at least I've had some time to craft. I thought I'd show you some of the crafts my girls have been making this season.

Lilo made jingle bell bracelets for her friends at school. I bought some bells from the dollar store and thought they would make cute bracelets. I was trying to find some elastic string to thread them on but while looking through my stuff I found pipe cleaners and thought they would be easier for Lilo to use. Plus the bracelets could also be used as ornaments.

Here's Lilo wrapping them all up herself. Too bad she only remembered to hand out 2 out of the 20 she made on the last day of school. It looks like she will be giving out good luck bracelets in the new year.
The girls brought these home from daycare last week. I love them. So cute and simple.
An oval of cardboard as the base, pinecone hot glued on with cotton balls glued around as snow. The pinecone tree is decorated with a string of mini beads, sprinkled with fake snow and topped with a gold star.
These are just made from the Ikea pyssla beads. Fun melting beads shapes that I just glued a ribbon on the back to make into an ornament.
On the back of one of them I glued a piece of paper for Lilo to use as a gift tag on her teacher's gift.

We also made picture frame wreaths from small paper plates. I cut a hole in the middle of the plate and let the girls decorate them. I realized that it sometimes is better if I limit the number of different things I give the kids to decorate with otherwise they look, well unfinished (see one on the left). The ones we made with only 1-3 different things I like better.
I decided to add the kids Santa photo inside to make a cute frame.
I took another paper plate and cut the photo to fit inside and then glued both plates together. Then poke a hole through both plates and loop a pipe cleaner through to make a hook.
And lastly Lilo brought this home from school. A classic idea but so cute and easy - a great keepsake. We got 2 different colours of green paper in her school bag and as home work we were had to cut out outlines of her hands. Then at school she glued them on to a large paper plate and decorated.

Hope everyone is having a fun crafty holiday season.

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