Friday, August 12, 2011

How to make a skirt into a dress

I finally started to tackle my alteration/ re-fashioning box and one of those things was this skirt of mine. I got it at H&M and it was super cute until it flew up one day after I got off the street car and I flashed the street thanks to a gust of wind. I then decided that maybe it was too short for me. But the fabric is so cute that I couldn't just give it away.

So I dress for Isla it will be.
I could have simply taken the skirt in and added straps but I find smocked dresses that are straight at the top don't fit as good. And I hate when my girls pull their dresses down to expose themselves. So I decided to curve under the arm to make it more comfortable. I used one of her dresses to get the size and shape.
I took the dress in on the side seam and then traced out the armhole shape. After cutting the armhole I serged the edge, turned it over and stitched down.
Then added straps from scrap ribbons and added a bow. And done. It was pretty simple and now Isla has one more dress to add to her collection.
And the dress is great for dancing.

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