Friday, March 30, 2012

How to make an Easter wreath

I haven't really been into wreath other then for Christmas but there are so many cute ideas out there that I've been converted. So I decided to make an Easter wreath - isn't it cute :)

I started by making the wreath form out of newspaper. I rolled up newpaper to make the basic shape and then wrap more rolls of newspaper around and tape in place until it makes the shape and size you want. I then wrapped masking tape all around so it was a solid colour.

I wanted to cover the wreath in this green grassy/straw stuff I had bought last year from the dollar store. But I didn't have a lot of it so I thought it would be best to paint the wreath with green paint so it wouldn't matter if you saw the wreath form under the grass.

 I bought a pack of mini plastic Easter eggs at Dollarama and wanted to make them less neon so I applied Mod Podge all over them and then rolled them in and sprinkled on top, clear glitter and let dry.

I then made little flowers from just white construction paper and stuck a cheap dollar store pin in the middle.

Aren't they pretty?

After the paint dried I cut up the grass and used white glue painted on thick to stick it on the wreath. Doesn't it look like Oscar the Grouch?

I didn't put any on the back since I didn't have much and well it will be against the wall any ways.

Once it was all dry I used a glue gun to add the eggs, grouping them in 3s. Then I just pushed the flower pins into the wreath. 

The bow is just a piece of fabric wrapped that I glue gunned into a band to go around to hang and then to form a bow. To hang it on our front door I made a hook from a pipecleaner. Too bad we have a screen door that will block it a bit, oh well, it's still pretty.

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By Marie Nicole said...

I can't believe how simple you have made it look - we have looked at so many wreaths to make and your really stands out for colors too. Thanks, nice job!