Friday, March 16, 2012

How to teach the Alphabet - the Letter B for Bubbles

 So continuing on with teaching Isla the alphabet we did our letter B craft. I saw a fun thing on Pinterest via Disney Family Fun, that would be great to do for the letter B - bubbles.
 It was a lot of fun to do. You mix 1 cup of bubble juice (bubble blowing solution) and 1/2 cup of tempra paint. Mix in a tin pie plate and then give your child a straw and start blowing.
Blow until you get a nice big mound of bubbles.
Then carefully place a piece of paper over the bubbles.
 Remove and you should have a painted bubbles on the paper. We played around for a while and made many bubble pictures. I don't know if we had enough paint in the mixture since the colour didn't show up great. We tried again later when Lilo got home from school and the red didn't show up at all - she still had fun blowing the bubbles.

After the paint was dry we cut out a B and put it on Blue paper. 

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