Tuesday, April 03, 2012

How to teach the Alphabet - E for Easter Eggs

For the letter E I thought eggs would be cool, but I was originally just thinking of using white egg shells but then Isla wanted Easter eggs so I remembered a craft a did with Lilo a few years back and thought it would be perfect for us to do. 

First I cracked and cleaned 4 egg shells (save for later or use for breakfast). Remove the inside membrane of the egg, it sometimes comes off easily, other times it's a pain. And then break the shells in pieces and put into 4 ramekins. 

Then I filled the ramekins with vinegar and water and let Isla add the food colouring. 

A few drops in each and then stir.

And let them soak for a few minutes.

Then drain and let dry on a cookie sheet (ignore the gross looking cooking sheets)

Once they are dry we put them all in tin pie pan and mixed together. It was fun to play with them in the pan, mixing them all up.

Cut out the letter E and glued on to another sheet of paper. Add add white glue on the E and add egg shells.  Add more glue if you need and add shells to fill in all spaces.

And let dry.

Then hang up with others.

The Letter D for Donut
The Letter C for Circles and Clown
The Letter B for Bubbles
The Letter A for Alligator

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