Friday, March 09, 2007

How to ... waste a Sunday afternoon

We’ve found more couch crack. Sunday afternoons on Fashion Television they are showing Britain’s Next Top Model and Australia’s Next Top Model – back to back and then I think back to back again. Fashion TV doesn’t have much programming so they repeat a lot.
* Ok - I just looked on the Fashion Television's programming guide and it looks like Britian's NTM is on Saturdays at 11am or 6pm and the Austrailia's NTM is on Sunday's - same times. In other words - check your PVR to tape. It also looks like they have last year's ANTM on Saturday and this year's on Sunday if you missed it.
Anyways – last Sunday was the first episode so you can still catch it. I watched the British one last night (PVR). The production budget obviously isn’t as big at the American one – I mean the judging takes place in a small board room. The judges sit behind a banquet table that is covered with a pleated fabric skirt and then they threw up some gold lamee on the back wall to class it up. To show the photo shoot of each girl they pull up the trolley from high school with the TV and VCR on it – ok not quite but close.
It is still fun to watch – the photo shoots and the cattiness are still there. The first episodes of both the Australian and British one they gave the girls Brazilians – definitely different than the US one. Also it looks like in the British one at least that it's make over time this Saturday and one girl breakdown over her new look.


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