Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How to ... make a table cloth

So I made a table cloth last night. I know it’s not a super cool project but I love when you can start and finish one in a day.
It started at lunch when I ran up to Fabricland (Fabricland) and bought some fabric that was on sale – buy 1 get 2 free, which was awesome since I figured I needed about 5 meters of fabric. So I got 6 meters of this red with gold undertones of fake silk fabric for $30.
I know most of you would say just buy a table cloth, well we can’t – at least I haven’t found one yet that will fit. Our table is extra wide so normal table cloths will only hang 1” over the edge – not cool looking. So I made one last minute before a party with some bright plaid fabric I had hanging around but thought something more basic would be better for staging our house (to sell).
So I used the table cloth that I made before as a pattern and sewed 2 pieces together so I can get the width I needed and cut out the shape, hemmed it all up and pressed. You can’t forget the pressing – especially with the rounded edges. So now we have a classy looking table cloth if you ignore the seam in the middle.
I also started pillow covers but ran out of bobbin thread so decided to stop and go to bed. They shouldn’t take long so maybe I will finish them tonight.
Sorry no pictures – the place is a mess anyways – next week the good pictures will come out.
We also primed the awesome built in cabinet that Steve finished this weekend. Paint will be on it soon.
Busy night, with more to come but we have a bit of break tonight as we cheer on the Raptors.

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Sera said...

Fabricland, Fabricland!

Good luck with the staging.