Friday, September 07, 2007

How to .... set a deadline

So again it's been awhile. We are still unpacking and trying to get the house organized. My sewing room is still just boxes but hopefully we'll start to get things together this weekend. We have started setting up the basement so my room will be next.
I've decided that I have to set a deadline for at least one of the many projects I want to do and it's Lilo's room. So her room will be done by her 2nd birthday which is only just over a month away. I have a great duvet cover that I bought in Hong Kong and I have great ideas for her room so it will look great. We got Rob's sister old bedroom furniture that I want to paint white so Lilo will have a real bed - we're a little nervous about that but we'll see how it goes. Right now everytime she's on a bed she just likes to play - like jump up and down and then get under the covers and pretend to sleep only to jump up and down again.
I'll try and be good and post some pictures of the progress.

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Vone said...

I feel the deadline slipping away. Hopefully one room will be done by then.