Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How to …post a new blog entry, finally!

Ok, so I’ve been bad, well horrible at posting anything. To be honest I have been bad at doing anything creative at home. Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy, which I have been; maybe because work has taken all my creative energy away from me, which actually has been fun to be creative at work; or maybe it’s just that I’ve been lazy – I think that’s it.
So now I’ve realized that it’s because I’m lazy, I’m actually too busy also.
My sewing machines and art supplies have been packed away. But after the big move is over, I need to get back at it. And to help that out will be a new studio (my mom doesn’t like calling it a sewing room or craft room so it’s a studio space) and my new fancy, dancy industrial sewing machine. I’m very excited about this new machine. This girl at work is moving (to China) and was looking to sell it, so I jumped on it, especially since it’s only a year old and she sold it to me for ½ price – plus threw in a serger and 2 dress forms.
You might ask, “why do you need an industrial sewing machine, are you starting your own sweat shop?” No – but they are so cool. No more broken needles cause you are trying to sew through too many layers, and they are so much faster than regular machines. I will be able to sew a pillow in 2 mins instead of 5. Oh, and it comes with it's own table - very cool.

I will still keep my other machine since the industrial only does straight stitch and for Lilo to learn on.
I’m thinking my next post will be about drapes or something exciting like that – and hopefully that won’t take another couple of months.


SnH said...

Hmmm ... industrial machine huh? Does that mean you can sew denim seams and such that always seem to cause other machines such problems?

Vone said...

yes - but I don't do alternations - sorry it took me 2 1/2 months to take my shorts in and I still have a pair of pants that I bought in May that I need shortened and taken in.

Rob said...

"I don't do alterations.."

What a bitch. What if I said "sorry, I don't do tech support," anytime a family or friend called me with a computer question.

Just hem Sara's pants and stop being a bitch.

SnH said...

Just for the record - I wasn't actually hinting at getting my jeans hemmed... honestly was just wondering if these industrial machines could handle denim - as most machines can't and I never understood why...

No need for a domestic... ;)