Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to decorate a tree with crafty ornaments

I thought I'd take a picture of the handmade ornaments we have on our tree. Some of them I've made and others are made by friends and family. Like my friend Deb we don't have a matchy match tree. I like how the mix of decorations give a homey look to Christmas - plus my house isn't nearly clean enough to pull off a matchy match theme.

This ornament is from my nephew - it's a his hand print that was made into snowmen - my sister-in-law made them for everyone his first Christmas.

This was made by my friend Sera - she got the tree from a bead store and put them on a plain white card - it was pretty card and then an ornament.

This ornament was made by my friend Heather - she beaded it. She's always crafty.

So this one we bought while we were on our honeymoon in the Cayman Islands but still crafty.

I made a bunch of these ornaments for my co-workers one year. Just felt cut into a star shape and stuff and everything looking fun with googly eyes.

One year my cube-mate at work decorated our cubicle in a basketball Christmas theme. We saw these orange ornaments and thought they would make cute basketballs - just a black Sharpie and a black ribbon.

My mom made this ornament out of old bits and pieces of jewelry and other stuff she has in her stash of junk.

My aunt Kate made this from a piece of wood and a stamp. She's always great at decorating gifts with handmade ornaments

Another one from Sera - she crocheted wire, don't ask me how but it looks cool.

Another one that I made - just a stuffed star made out of silver raw silk strapes and I made a hook with some wire from the hardware store.

This one is from Kate - she bought the stamp to use as a stamp but then realized that to be a stamp Noel would need to be backwards - so it made a cute ornament instead.

This one is also bought - it's made from a bullrush and well was bought since it looked like Mr. Hanky and thought it was funny.

And this last one I also made - just wrapped some pretty wool around a bought glass ornament.


Heather - said...

Fun tour! It took me a minute to see the snowmen on the handprint.

A lot of our ornaments are hung with random stuff - twisty ties, pipecleaners, paperclips, pieces of tinsel.

Did you see some of my Christmas ornaments (at my other blog)?

The Valliers said...

Handprint snowmen are awesome, but I think my fave is the yarn over glass ornament. And that looks like something EVEN I could do!