Monday, December 15, 2008

How to make and package a spice mix

When Isla was first born I was watching a lot of cooking shows with her and came across this recipe for Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken - yum. So I decided to try it. The recipe calls for this Everyday Rub which is a mix of a bunch of spices, so I went to the bulk food store and bought what I needed and tried it out. It was delicious - the chicken and the spice mix, it tastes great on roasted potatoes.
So as another handmade gift I made another batch of this spice mix. Check here for the recipe.

It made about 3 spice bottles full - which I picked up at the dollar store for 3 for a $1. I thought I should sterize the bottles and lids first by boiling them - bad idea at least for the shaker part of the lid as it started to melt - I got them back to shape by putting them on the jars while they were still warm. So I would just put the jars in the dishwasher and wash the lids with soapy water.

I made a label for the jars by just printing from the computer Everyday Spice Mix. I cut them out and then cut out a piece of packing tape and put it over it. Rub the tape down so there are no air bubbles and then trim around the label so there is about 1/8" or so of tape exposed. Then apply to the bottle using your finger nail to get it down good.

Then I made a box to put it in that has the recipe for the chicken on it. I made it up on the computer - if I knew how to add a pdf I would add it - anybody know?
If you want it just send leave me a comment and I can email it to you. Thanks.

On the back of the print out measure from the centre 3" on the long side and 2" on the short side. Cut along the red lines and fold on the blue lines. Use double sided tape on the tabs to form a box. Cut out 2 squares out of red paper - 3" x 3" and use double sided tape to adhere to top.

Put the spice mix inside - I had some left over crinkled paper strips from another gift that I used around the spice jar.

Fold the red paper over and punch 2 holes to thread ribbon through. I didn't have a hole punch so I just used the tip of my pointy scissors to create the holes. To make it easier to thread the ribbon I put a bit of tape on the end like a shoe lace tip and just cut off when it's through. Then tie in a bow.

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