Monday, December 08, 2008

How to make Christmas tree touques

So people that know me, know my Christmas tree hat. I bought is years ago at the One of a Kind show and wear it every year. It's warm and cute. But this year when I got it out, Lilo (my 3 year old) claimed it. Ok, so I let her wear it to the Santa Claus parade but when she wanted to wear it when we got our Christmas tree I realized that I needed to make her one. For one mine was too big and two, it's mine :)
Oh and well that means Isla should have one too.
I had some green polar fleece in my stash and whipped these up last night. I just measured the diametre of their heads - Lilo was 20" and divided that by 3 to figure out the side of each panel. Then thought that 9" tall was good. I drew out a Christmas tree shape and then cut out 3 pieces of fleece together (adding 1/4" for seam allowance and 3/4" at bottom). Then sewed them up in a cone shape. For Lilo's hat I just cut a band of fabric about 4" wide by 20". Sewed up the band so it's a circle, folded in half then serged it on to the tree. And done, well almost. It needed a star. I cut it out of felt and sewed it together while catching the tip of the tree inside - a bit tricky. She loves it and was wearing it all last night and this morning. I'm thinking of getting sparkly pompoms to add to it like decorations. I'll see what I can find at the dollar store.
For Isla's, I did the same for the tree part but traced the bottom of one of her other hats so it would sit better on her head and stay on. I trimed it in stretch binding that I had and added a small piece of velcro to attach.
Oh and for her's I made the points on the tree bigger so it showed up better in the fleece - hard to get good points in this fabric.
This is why I don't throw anything out - I made these in an hour or so for nothing.


Heather - said...

So cute! I'm sure my son would love to have a christmas tree hat!


The Valliers said...

Mwa hahah - so adorable and cute. And also great fodder with which to blackmail your future teenage daughters...

You are so crafty!