Thursday, December 04, 2008

How to make a pinecone wreath

So Lilo and I have been collecting pinecones all fall - I didn't realize how many I had til I put them all together the other week. So we have been glittering them and making some decorations. We have also put googly eyes on them and made funny faces.
And I started to make a wreath. I thought it would look neat but then I saw this one and was worried - I think this is pretty boring, but since I've put the pinecones at different angles and not symetrical I think it looks really neat. But now I have to finish it and not sure how. It needs some colour - I looked at this one dollar store for flowers to stick in but the dollar store sucked and didn't have much. But then I saw this and thought maybe I can make cloth flowers. I have some red raw silk (somewhere in my piles of fabric) that might work - just have to go on a hunt for it. I really need to organise all my fabrics.

So here is how I made the wreath.

First I made the base out of cardboard - I cut out the size I wanted and then traced it out and cut out a smaller ring and kept going until it had some height - I also put one smaller ring on the back so it wouldn't be flat. I glue gunned it all together.
Then I used tape to make it rounded on the edges. (I just used green painters tape since I had some around)

I then ripped up pieces of gold tissue paper (Lilo helped with this) and glued it on the wreath so that you wouldn't see the tape between the pinecones.

Then I started to glue gun on the pinecones. I would try and place a few on to get some angles and then glue on.

One thing I realized is that next time I would make the base a little smaller than you want since the bulk of the pinecones will make it bigger (the hole in the centre of the wreath is pretty small) Also it's heavy once all the pinecones are on. Oh, you can totally use a store bought wreath form if you want but I'm cheap and don't want to buy anything if I don't have to - so far this craft is free.
And no I haven't figured out how to hang it yet :) I could probably add a hook hanger on the back - just screw it in to the cardboard. I did something like that when I made my giant papermache wreath.

Any ideas on how to embellish the wreath?

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