Thursday, January 08, 2009

How to use old Christmas Cards reminder

I finally used one of these boxes that I made 2 years ago. It really dressed up the inexpensive necklace I gave. I also put a ribbon on it with a glittered pinecone - my little one went glitter crazy, it kept her busy while I was crafting.
So I'm thinking that I should make a few more since I just took down our Christmas cards. I also found a few birthday cards and think they could make some cute boxes too.
Check here for the instructions.
Anyone have ideas for the photo cards you get? I have framed one of them that I got from my brother last year but it feels like a shame to get rid of them so they just end up in a box or drawer somewhere. The only thing I've thought of is to put them in a little photo album for my daughter. If I scrapbooked, you could make a page for friends/family at Christmas but I don't :).

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