Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How to win a giveaway

So there are a bunch of blogs and websites out there giving things away. Some you have to post back to your blog - like the cute little girls dress you've seen me post about on Grosgrain and others you just have to submit a comment on their blog. Well back in April I actually did win something. It was the first time I had ever entered any of these giveaways and I won - pretty cool. It was funny I didn't even know I'd won since they left a comment on my blog but I wasn't posting at that point. And the problem was that the winner got to pick their prize and the rest she was going to sell but since it took me awhile to get back to her she had to wait - but it was nice that she still waited. Anyways I won a felted eyeball, or as the designer called it a mini monster pincushin from Felting in Fibrespace - yep, it's weird and cool. I haven't used it since everytime I have it out the cats attack it and I find it somewhere else in the house - but it is cool and neat that I won something so I will keep trying on other sites.
The latest one that I've found is on Tip Junkie and it's the word for 2009. She is giving away a necklace that will have your word for 2009. I love this as it's really made me try and think about what word should represent 2009. I have a bunch of ideas but haven't come up with one word yet. I'll let you know when I do.
What word will inspire you for 2009?

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The Valliers said...

Time. That's my word. If I'm not looking at Maddie and wondering how time can fly by so quickly, I'm complaining that I don't have enough of it. Being back at work has made me savour my time w/ friends and family that much more. And look forward to time off whenever we decide it's time for numero two-o. So yeah. That's 2009 for me.