Saturday, February 07, 2009

How to make heart pizza faces

I decided to try and make pizza dough in my bread maker. It had been so long since I've used the bread maker that I wasn't sure if it worked anymore - and it does. So I made a batch of dough and rolled half it of it out onto a pan. When Lilo saw the pizza dough she suggested that it be made into a heart shape - so I thought that was a good idea. After I pre-cooked the crust for 10 mins in the oven I used a cookie cutter to cut out 2 hearts for Lilo. It probably have been easier to do it before it cooked but didn't think of it then.
Then Lilo added the toppings with my help to make a face. Of course Lilo being Lilo still didn't want to eat but after a game of you take a bite and then I take a bite - she finished one of the mini pizzas. No wonder that girl is so skinny.

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