Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to do something cool everyday

So it might look like I've done nothing this past week but I have, just haven't had time to post. Here are a few pictures of projects that Lilo and I were working on.

After making the egg in the post below, Lilo said we needed to make birds. Makes sense, so in our case, it was the Egg that came before the Chicken - ha, ha :)

When we were making the birds I pulled out some googly eyes to use but she had already started drawing some eyes on so I was going to put them away but Lilo said we should make something with them.
I thought we could make a monster with lots of eyes. I found a scrap of wall paper and got her to draw a circle on the back and lots of legs and a head. I connected the legs on the bottom and cut it out. Then on the front just put a bunch of glue dots for her to add eyes. Then she cut out a mouth out of pink foam. I cut out the hair which Lilo thought looked like a crown - so we then had to make a crown. We call it Octo-monster, even though it only has 7 legs.

I also made some cookies. I had great ideas about beautifully decorated cookies but they didn't turn out as nice as I thought. My icing wasn't as smooth as it should have been and I couldn't decide on colours and didn't have all the right supplies. But sprinkles make everything look nice. There are some that Lilo made. The ones that I decorated and looked descent I froze to use on Isla's birthday cake which is this weekend. I'll post of picture of the final project - hopefully it will turn out, otherwise it might be a perfect submission for the new Craft fail blog.

Lilo and I finally decorated Easter eggs Saturday evening. I just kept them simple. I bought a dye package from the dollar store, the pink and purple looked the same and the orange didn't really work at all. We just used some white crayons on the eggs before dying to make a resist. The one turned out cool - I dyed in purple and then put in blue (so it actually looks purple)
I dressed up the egg carton with some green paper cut like grass. I have the eggs in the fridge, they look so cute sitting there. I'm going to make some potato, egg and ham salad for lunch tomorrow.

We also made personalized necklaces for the girls. I had some scraps of shrink art plastic from years ago and I made 2 beads with Lilo and Isla's name on them and punched a hole. Then put them in the oven for a few minutes. Then Lilo put hers on a cord along with some wood beads. I made one for Isla too but didn't get a picture, and now I'm not sure where it got to.

Then for the girls Easter baskets I made these gold fish carrot treats. I saw this idea all over the web last week and thought it was a good alternative to all the chocolate. Not that they didn't get any just so they had something else to eat. It's just made from stuffing a pastry bag with goldfish and then I used a twist tie to close and added a piece of green ribbon at the top.
I also last week finished one of the bridesmaid dresses - yay! Only 6 more to finish. They others are coming along, I'll post pictures once they're pressed.
There are few other things we've made this week but they're for Isla's party so I'll post about them later as to not ruin the surprise. I can't believe my baby's turning 1 already.


Heather - CROQZine.com - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

See, looks like you had a busy week! :)

Vone said...

We had some rainy/ snowy inside days. I'm glad it's warming up.