Monday, April 06, 2009

How to make art out of egg shells

Inspired by Mr. Maker, Lilo and I made art from dyed egg shells.

I collected about 8 egg shells and peeled off the inside membrane. The membrane was harder to remove off the hard boiled eggs I made versus the raw ones. I just cleaned the shells and kept them in a tuperware until I had enough. I used both brown and white eggs. The white eggs obviously took the colour better on outside but the inside where both great.

Then I got 4 dishes and added some vinegar and food colouring. Then divided the egg shells in each dish and let them soak for 10 mins or so (can't quite remember how long but just until the colour was really intense). Then I drained the shells and let them dry on a cookie sheet. I rubbed some of them with a paper towel to dry and it removed some of the dye on the outside of the shell but the inside was still really bright.

Then I drew out an egg shape on a piece of cardstock and Lilo drew lines across it. I found it a good exercise for her to draw straight line and zig zag lines.
Then add a generous amount of white glue on the top segment and add one colour of egg shells. Then we added glue and some glitter for the next section. For the other glitter sections I decided that dots or zig zag would be better since Lilo used the whole blue bottle for the one section. Between each section tap off the excess - the shells that fall off, try to stick them back on, the glitter collect on another piece of paper and save.

After it was dry (overnight), I cut it out.

Day 4 of the Make Something Cool Everyday, April Challenge.


Joanne said...
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Joanne said...

Cute! I remember doing something like this as a kid... :) Thanks for checking out my blog - I hope you'll stop by again! said...

These are fabulous! I'll be linking.

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