Saturday, April 04, 2009

How to MSCE - day 2: googly eye hair clips

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, too busy. But I did make something cool, inspired by my love for googly eyes.
So I made monster clips and a peek-a-boo barrette.
For the blue monster, I just cut out some fun fur and glued on to the clip and added eyes. The black barrette, I used 2 different sized eyes to give it a goofier look. I need to find a better glue since they didn't stay that well on the metal, I'll have to experiment.
But I'm in love. I can see making more, so cute and so many options. I'm going out and buying more barrette styles so I can make more critters.

This black peek-a-boo barrette looked so cute on my little one, even with her limited hair. But she was too curious for me to get a photo, in other words she pulled it out in no time. So I'm modeling it. Since I have short hair I never wear barrettes but I actually really liked it, so maybe I will now.
I'm busy today, going to the One of a Kind show. So I think today's craft will be one I've already done but haven't posted about yet, it's not cheating, is it? Or maybe I'll be inspired.

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Heather - - said...

Those are so cute!! Simple but adorable.