Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to take pictures

So I'm back, well hopefully. I just finished my Digital Capture 1 class and it was great. A lot of work and classes but I learned so much about my camera and have found a new medium to express myself. I know that's all I need - something new to play with.
I originally took the course so I could learn to take better pictures of the products I'm going to sell when I get my Etsy store up and running but now I'm really enjoying taking pictures so maybe I'll add some of my prints in the shop too. I need to get my act together now - no excuses.
The class was jam packed, every Tuesday and Thursday evening and 2 Saturday field trips. The one Saturday we walked all around downtown Toronto, visiting St. Lawrence Market, the Distillery District and then walking along Front Street watching the Cirque de Soliel performers. It was a fun day but tiring from all the walking. I got some good pictures that day.
The following Saturday we drove down to Rochester to visit the Eastman house and the Kodak museum. A very interesting place.
I completed this month, 1 page written assignment, and 2 photo assignments, as well as our final photo essay. I enjoyed it all and hope to take another course in the fall.

Here are some photos from my final assignment - Toys, Toys, Toys.

So I can't promise that all my photographs will be great on this blog from now on but hopefully they will be better.

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Michelle Sybert said...

I love the "small car only" photo!