Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to prove I'm still alive

Wow - I can't believe my last post was in April. The first few weeks in May - I sewed, sewed and sewed some more - and finished the 7 bridesmaid dresses. They turned out pretty good, a few puckers that I wish I had time and patience to fix but to the average person they looked good. My friend was at the wedding so she took some pictures for me.

As soon as I finished the dresses we drove to Florida and spent a week in the rain. We still had fun but got wet doing it. Now I'm home and realizing that my house is a mess.
So I would love to say I'm back and will be posting regularly but June is going to be super busy. I'm starting a photography course that's every Tuesday and Thursday evening for 4 weeks and 2 full Saturdays. Plus I'm taking some career building workshops a few mornings. I guess this will be practice for how crazy it will be once I start working again.


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Rachel said...

No kidding you are busy! The dresses look wonderful...good job.