Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to make a treasure map

Since the battery charger for our camera is still in our car, which is till in South Carolina. I've decided to finally post another one of the April cool things we made.

This was a fun kids craft that I'm sure you could do a whole pirate theme around.

Start with a piece of white paper and draw things you'd find on a treasure map; the dashed line path to follow, some of the things you'll pass like a palm tree and water and don't forget the X. Then tear the edges and crumple up.
Then rub an old tea bag all over the paper. I rubbed the tea bag on the paper before I crumpled it but I think it would work better the other way so the tea would stain the creases more.
And then let it dry - I find that the hardest part for Lilo - waiting.
I have been working on a few other things and will post some of them when I have the camera charger - next weekend hopefully. Lilo and I are making a mobile, I started making her a ruffled dress but think it's too full and have been trying to organize my studio finally. My husband made me these great shelves and table in my room and I just need to actually organize my stuff so I know what I have and where it is. Last night I finished sorting my ribbons, elastics and bindings so they aren't all mixed up in 3 different places and not a big rats nest of ribbons. My room will never be Martha Stewart neat, I'm just hoping for some organization so I know where to look for things. My problem is that I never throw anything out - it was kinda like walking through memory lane looking at the ribbons, remembering where they were from.
When it's sorta tidy I'll take pictures and post.

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