Thursday, September 03, 2009

How to get your kids excited about starting school

Lilo starts junior kindergarten in a week and she is super excited. I think it's cute since she doesn't really know what school is. She has visited it once and knows there will be lots of friends there - so that's all that matters.

My hubby was thinking that we should have some sort of count down to the first day for her. And then the next day I found this idea on a Back to School countdown chain. Perfect, a super simple craft that Lilo can help me make.

I don't have a picture of ours but it's pretty close - this is the one from Brassy Apple blog. Lilo had fun trying the stapler, she was a little frustrated when the chain slipped out before she could push it all the way. But of course she didn't want any help. After it was all stapled together I numbered the chains so she could count easier.

I hung it up high so Isla can't reach and Lilo rips a ring off everyday. We have been making them into bracelets afterwards. Then we count down the days left. It has been a good learning of patience for her too. She's been wanting to rip another one off and we've been trying to explain that we have to wait until tomorrow. It was hard at first but she's understanding better now.

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