Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to a make a spider

Here is a tutorial from Lilo my little girl. She made this spider with her daycare provider last year and wanted to show me how they made it. It was her idea to take the pictures of each step.
Cut out oval shape from corrugated cardboard.
Push 4 pipe cleaners through cardboard

Bend pipe cleaners down to make the spider stand
Crunch up tin foil into a ball that will fit on the top of your cardboard oval.

So it looks like this.

Then remove the tin foil ball and glue on pieces of cut up tissue paper until it's all covered. We also glued  tissue paper to the cardboard oval.

Then glue the tin foil ball to the legs and all goggly eyes. And done. 
Then we made a large spider web out of bright coloured pipe cleaners and attached the spiders to them.

This was last year's craft that I didn't get time to post before Halloween. Hopefully we'll have time for something new this year.

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