Friday, December 16, 2011

How to make glittery reindeer

 This was my dollar store craft last year. So simple but so cute.
 I was inspired by some more expensive ornaments I saw at a department store and thought I could do something similar with dollar store finds.

 Dollarama had these great packs of fine glitter in tones of colours. I added 3 of the colours together which created a beautiful new colour.
 In the home section (not the holiday section) I found these reindeer which were perfect to glitter. 
To attach the glitter I painted on white glue and then poured the glitter over top. I used 2 paper plates to pour and catch the glitter. I glued and glittered in sections, it took awhile including letting it dry and touching up the spots that were missed. To fix the glitter so it doesn't just fall off and make a glittery mess everywhere I sprayed with hairspray. It works pretty well, I pulled them out for year 2 and the glitter   still stays put.

Here's how I have them displayed, on top of the bookshelf with a collection of the girls Santa photos (in dollar store frames).

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