Sunday, December 04, 2011

How to make a glitzy wreath

Here's the new wreath I made last year for our backdoor. 
I started with a wire hanger and bent it into a circle.

Then I wrapped the wire with newspaper and taped it around. I took sheets of newspaper and crumpled it  into long tubes and then formed around the wire and taped it in place, then I added more until it was thick enough. I then taped all around to smooth it out. I spray painted the wreath white. And now you have a free wreath form.
Then I put all the Christmas crap I had bought on the table to figure out what to use. It's a combination of dollar store stuff and decorations that I bought at a sample sale - stuff like 1 strand of garland that's not enough to decorate a tree or anything.

I chose the garland to start with, since I only had 1 strand of 3 different kinds I had to spread them out and layer them. After I got all the garland on I added a big bow and some dollar store decorations.

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