Saturday, March 03, 2012

How to make cute kids rooms

 Isla's Room
I thought I'd share the girls rooms with you. I love decorating kids rooms - well I really love painting something fun on the walls. As my husband says, "Why buy one can of paint when 5 will do".
My hubby wasn't really on my side when I first started painting Isla's room, I don't believe I explained my vision very well, but in the end he liked it and more importantly Isla does.

I started by painting the room all white and then used a chalk line to create the lines and taped the white off. It was a pain but worth it, seriously painting stripes on the ceiling was annoying.

The bed is a double futon so it acts as a spare bed when people visit and Isla bunks in her sisters room. But since there is lots of room on her bed she has at least a dozen stuffed animals that sleep with her every night. The cats also like it.

On one wall we framed some Keith Herring photos, they are Ikea frames and the pictures are from an old calendar. Easy, cheap art. I love art calendars. My mom bought us a fun one this year too that would look great in the kids room.

I did one of those melted crayon art that have been all over Pinterest.
They are fun, easy, colourful. Just glued crayons on a canvas with a glue gun and then used a hair dryer to melt the crayons and let them drip.

Lilos' Room

Lilo's room was fun to do. I bought her a duvet cover years ago when I was travelling for work in Hong Kong. It has little houses, trees, animals and hearts on it. Instead of buying a duvet to put in it I just bought an inexpensive comforter to put inside. It works well and is nice and lightweight.

So inspired by a photo I saw, I thought it would be fun to paint a tree on the wall and add little birdhouses.

The birdhouses are from the dollar store and then Lilo and I painted them. I also painted the ceiling sky blue and the baseboard a green for grass. The ceiling paint I carried down in a scallop pattern. I cut out the scallop pattern on a piece of cardboard - about 2-3 scallops and then put the flat edge of the cardboard against the ceiling and with a pencil traced the scallop pattern all around the room. I then hand painted the scallop design.

To hang up the birdhouses I drilled a hole in the back of the birdhouse and put a screw in the wall and hang the birdhouses up. 

|The bed and dresser were my sister-in-laws childhood furniture which was originally a yellowy pine colour, after many coats of paint they are now white. The wardrobe is just from Ikea since her room doesn't have a closet.

This dresser is also from Ikea, it was an old dresser we bought 2nd hand from a friend about 10 years ago. It was a burgundy colour so I gave it a new life by painting it white and the drawers pretty colours from the room and added new hardware. I love it now.
There is a also a clothesline in her room to hang up her art.

It's funny how the kids rooms are all done but our bedroom still hasn't been painted. Oh well, I guess that's pretty normal. 

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