Tuesday, March 06, 2012

How to teach the Alphabet - the Letter A for Alligator

To help Isla learn the alphabet I'm doing a craft for each letter. I first saw this idea on the blog No Time for Flash Cards and now you can see it a lot of other places as well. 
Of course we started with A and used A for Alligator.

It's a fun craft that helps learn letter but also she works on her cutting skills.

 Also works on her gluing skills.

 Isla then decided to draw an apple since apple also starts with A. I wrote Apple under her drawing and then she copied it.
I put the A for Alligator letter up on the wall and the Apple drawing in a book where I will add a drawing for each letter.
I will try and post a letter a week. We just finished the letter F so this gives me a head start if we don't do a letter every week. Some days Isla's very interested and others, not so much.

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