Monday, April 23, 2012

How to make a Disco cupcakes

So I haven't posted much last week because I was making, planing and get things together for my daughters birthday. We had a dance party for her. We rented a room at the local rec centre, my husband rented some lights and brought his stereo and we all had a blast. We danced, we played musical chairs, limbo and many rounds of freeze dance. It was a lot of fun.
To go with the dance party theme I was trying to think of a fun cake or cupcakes as it turned out to be. Cupcakes seemed much easier then trying to cut cake into pieces.

Isla helped bake the cupcakes, it was confetti cake mix that I made using the Saucy Sprinkles baking variation - butter makes everything taste better. I made purple chocolate stars using purple melting chocolate that I bought at The Bulk Barn and a star mould that I also got there. It was pretty easy to do, I did it a few days a head of time. The day before the party I made the pink icing but I didn't ice the cupcakes until the morning of the party (the party started at 2pm). I piped on the icing and the girls put the star on the top and add an assortment of purple and pink sprinkles, multi coloured star sprinkles and silver balls. At first I thought I wanted to add the decorations so they could look like Martha creation but then I thought it's her party and she wants to decorate them so why not and they looked great. 

The centre piece of the cupcakes is the disco ball which was bought at the dollar store and I placed it in a margaritas glass. It gave it some nice height.

I was trying to figure out what to put the cupcakes on that would be big enough to fit all the cupcakes and I finally thought of a pizza pan. I fancied the pan up by adding a bunch of curling ribbon around the back side of the pan.

I cut the ribbon, then curled, then taped.

I found an old tin book to put under the pan to add more height and show off the ribbons. I just covered the box with tissue paper to look nicer.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and it wasn't too much work. Isla liked it too, even though I think she only ate the sprinkles and icing.

So now my baby is a big girl. She is very proud that she is now 4. 

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