Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to teach the Alphabet - the Letter G for Glitter

I love our G for Glitter, so far my favourite letter we've done. It looks much cooler in person and Isla likes to see it glimmer with the lights off.

First I gathered a selection of glitter to use.

I cut out the G out of cardstock thinking that a sturdier paper would be better for all the glue and glitter.
We painted on glue - at first way too much but then I took a bunch off so it didn't take a week to dry.

Then we glittered - I put newspaper underneath to catch the extra glitter. We started first with the silver glitter. 

Then we added some stars and other colours of glitter. So pretty.

And of course we had to put our glittery G on Green paper. 

The Letter A for Alligator
The Letter B for Bubbles
The Letter C for Circles and Clown
The Letter D for Donut
The Letter E for Easter Eggs
The Letter F for Fairy

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